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Flip Master is a sports game where you need to jump on a trampoline, performing nonstop somersaults. The more somersaults and tricks you do before it all goes wrong, the better your score will be. Also, you can collect the coins that occasionally appear in the air.

The gameplay in Flip Master is very straightforward: if you tap the screen your athlete curls up and starts to do flips in the air, aiming to land on the trampoline on two feet or face up. If you land face down, on your head, or outside the trampoline, it's game over.

You can use the coins you collect throughout the game to unlock all kinds of content. There are new settings, athletes, and new tricks for you to make use of during the games. What's more, you can train your athletes to improve their qualities.

Flip Master is an original, light-hearted game, with great graphics and a pretty realistic physics system. It's an essential title for anyone who enjoyed Flip Diving, the previous game by the same developers (also available on Uptodown).
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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